Intellect and Emotions in Religion

There are two things in human personality: intellect and emotions. The correct sequence of using them is in the same order. If you are intellectually convinced that a certain view is correct, it’s only then that you should employ your emotions to act upon your views and to disseminate them. If you will reverse the sequence, you will be guilty of ignoring the truth, which is a serious crime. The suggestion is difficult to practice. But it is vital if you want to live and die as a truth seeking person. This is one of the many lessons of wisdom I have learned from Ghamidi Sahib.

When you hear someone expressing a view different from yours, it is binding on you that you empty your mind and listen to what the other person is saying or else you will not be listening to him. When you have certain favourite scholars, you can always be emotionally biased in favour of them and be against those others who disagree with them. The consequences of being emotionally charged in an intellectual debate are extremely damaging. You can deprive yourself of the knowledge of the right things by being emotional at the wrong time. It was mistimed emotionalism that caused kuffar to deny the truth when it was presented to them. It was the correct combination of intellect and emotions that caused the companions of the prophet, alaihissalaam, to be what they turned out to be.

When religious emotions are high, people can go to the extent of killing fellow human beings in the name of God. Making false claims knowingly to defend one’s own religious views is another manifestation of such an attitude.

As somebody who has been teaching for the last twenty-two years, I want to share this recurring experience with you: I have never lost my temper on being asked a question by a student, howsoever rude the manner it was done, if I was comfortable with answering it. I have always been extremely upset on being asked a difficult question, even though put across politely, if I knew that I couldn’t answer it. This latter tendency has thankfully disappeared, at least partly, when I started applying the ‘technique’ of admitting to the one questioning that the query was valid and I didn’t know the answer as yet. I think what I experienced was a human weakness and what I did later to counter its ill effect on me was the only solution to problem.

In religious matters, if you will place your emotions before your intellect, you may find yourself categorized as a biased criminal in the eyes of God. In case you correct the sequence, you will progress leaps and bounds in religious awareness. Your success in the hereafter would ensue as a natural consequence of it.

3 thoughts on “Intellect and Emotions in Religion

  1. Najam Mahmud

    The quest for the truth must be within us until the day we die. True knowledge about Islam can only reach us when we make a sincere wish and pledge in our heart that we will only accept the message Allah has sent to his people through his beloved Prohpet pbuh).

    If we wear the glasses of emotions, the view of the world will be distorted and we would be to blame for it cause we
    would have given emotions a higher level of importance then the truth. The truth is the foundation and a building can never stand if the foundation is not strong. We need to stop giving individuals more importance then the word of God and we should remain un aised and listen to those who provide solid evidence for what they say and this evidence must be based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

  2. Zeeshan

    Your programme on Aaj TV is very informative, kindly can you arrange to have it once day a week on regular basis? I appreciate your team’s work.

    Also, can you open your new website in Urdu? Just for knowledge. Because some words are not typically translatable in Urdu. So I request you to launch your new website in Urdu too – many people require your website in Urdu.

  3. Ayesha Khurram Minhas

    Dear Sir,

    I wish you loads of blessing on your birthday. I am your student from MBA2004 batch and I will always be thankful for whatever you did for me during the most turmoil days of my life. You are remembered and thanked for very regularly. I wish you and your family loads of health and contentment. Amen.

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