Islam is Easy to Follow

I want to narrate a recent experience I had in Karachi and would want to draw a conclusion.

A couple of evenings ago, a young boy who had just done his A levels came to one of my programs with his mother who was a strict, practicing Muslim. She wanted me to respond to some of the questions her son had in mind. The boy came close enough to me to be able to ensure that his mother wouldn’t hear what he was saying to me. He mentioned that he was an agnostic and that he didn’t believe in the hell and the heaven. He also said that he didn’t know why God would send His own creation to the hell. I told the boy politely that he could ask me all these questions during the Q&A session.

My presentation was on the topic: “Islam is Easy to Follow”. It was followed by a Q&A session. The boy asked a question. It wasn’t one of those tough ones he had promised; it was thankfully an innocuous one. His mother also asked a question which clearly indicated two things: that she was a very strictly religious lady and that she had not heard what I had said in the lecture. After it was all over, the boy met me and thanked me for clearing many of his doubts about Islam (even though I had addressed none of the ones he had mentioned prior to my lecture). I could see where his problem was coming from: His mother wanted to forcibly ensure that her son became a practicing Muslim according to her high level of expectation. The son thought it to be more sensible that he declared that he was an agnostic instead of going into the drill of strict religiosity. As soon as he realized that the Almighty’s message was simple and easy to follow, he dropped the very idea of raising objections against it.

I have come to realize that our task is to present the message of Allah the way it is without suggesting our views and interpretations of strict application of Shari’ah. Apart from presenting many Quranic verses in my lecture, I mentioned these two ahadith as well:

“Make things easier for others and don’t make them difficult. And give good tidings to them and don’t create hatred (against religion) in them.” (Bukhari; No. 69)
“When the prophet, alaihissalaam, used to be presented with two options, he would choose the easier of the two.” (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal; 24890)

May the Almighty guide us all to the right path! Amen.

6 thoughts on “Islam is Easy to Follow

  1. Aqib

    In my personal opinion, going for the easier option from the available acceptable options is right and sensible thing to do. So, yes I agree with what Dr. Khalid has just said above and yes, Islam is easy to follow. Thanks.

  2. Maryam

    Salam Alaikum.
    There is a hadith I have heard, “make things easy for people rather than hard.” So Islam is all based on easy and perfect lifestyle with a successful akhirat.

    All we can do is pray for each other that may Allah help and guide all of us to the right path.

  3. Ambreen

    Very well said. And I really appreciate your effort. Your site is helping me to become a good Muslim.

  4. Farah Salman

    Salamun alaikum. alhamdollilahirabilalimeeen. Since long I was in search of something which apeals to my heart and mind, I have yet to go through all the stuff on this web site, inshallal I have found the happinesss of my heart, the real happiness that I found and felt after reading specially the topic “Islam is easy to follow.” Jazzak allah khair kaseer. Regards. Farah Salman (sana,a) yemen.

  5. Saima Malik

    I totally agree with Sir Khalid Zaheer.When I started going to the Quranic lectures few years back my teacher was extremely strict and rigid about Islam. In fact she made it sound so difficult to follow that instead of getting closer to our religion I was drifted away from it. But when I listened to Dr Zaheer for the first time during Ramadan he totally changed my perception of Islam and the changes it has brought in me are tremendous now I simply love my religion and I want to follow it to the best of my abilities.

    I pray to the Almighty that all our religious scholars should present the message in this way so as to bring people closer to Islam. Ameen.

  6. Adnan

    Meanwhile Islam is easy to follow and rather encourages people to create ease in religion, some Muslims are under the misconception that the more stringent they are in following religion, the more pious they become – which is totally in contradiction to what our religion teaches us. This misconception is a result of lack of understanding of religion and drives many people away from religion, the way it is presented to them.

    It’s a bit like what we call the elasticity of demand in economics. God has created a natural balance between what is easy to follow for humans and what is the minimal requirement needed to be a morally, ethically and spiritually pious person. If you increase the price of a commodity (or make things more stringent in religion) then you find lesser people wanting to buy that commodity.

    There indeed is a need to clarify such misconceptions, and encourage people to question where did their beliefs originate from – was it from Quran and Sunnah or a tradition they have been following without knowing it’s origin? I often note that in religious debates amongst my peers, people very confidently state what the religion had to say about a certain issue (just because they happened to hear it from somewhere) but they are not at all aware what the Quran and Sunnah had to say about that topic.

    One shall perhaps be more stringent in assesing the credibility of a religious argument in the light of Quran and Sunnah, rather than accepting it blindly and spreading the word to others.

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